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Scripted Screenshots

I recently needed to make a screenshot of an entire web page, i.e. not just the part the fits on the screen (or in the viewport), but the whole thing from top to bottom. Somehow I missed the possibility that there might be a zillion browser extensions for just this purpose. From writing features (acceptance […]

Getting a view at views

The structure of Rails views can become rather complicated with templates, layouts and partials inclusions multiple levels deep. Here are two tools for disentangling views. The first one adds HTML comments to generated markup. These comments identify the file where the markup originated. Place it in config/initializers/show_view_structure.rb The second tool works offline. It prints the […]

What’s new? Rake tasks are cached (thanks to turadb). If there is no Rakefile in the current directory, ancestor directories are searched in the way Rake itself does. Installation Copy the file to /etc/bash_completion.d or possibly /usr/share/bash-completion/completions or to another place where it is loaded when your Bash shell is started.

I’m using Eclipse with RadRails to edit my Ruby and Rails code (and, yes, I’ve used it for Java, way back when). Inside Eclipse the various text editors offer so-called templates. These are snippets of common code with placeholders for variable bits. Type in the abbreviation for a template, then type Ctrl-Space and the abbreviation […]

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