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Archive for December, 2007

JavaScript FSM v0.2.2

I’ve released a new version, 0.2.2, of the JavaScript FSM builder. There are some enhancements, such as accessors for successorStates and expectedEvents that I found useful for implementing a first (almost) practical example involving drag & drop. Speaking of which, this whole thing didn’t come into being because of a pressing need. Currently, it’s more […]

I like finite state machines and I wanted to try metaprogramming in JavaScript ever since I’d seen Adam McCrea presentation on the topic. The result is an FSM builder in JavaScript. Machine descriptions look like my test machine here: var Machine = { with (fsm) { onUnexpectedEvent(function() { … }); state(‘start’, ‘initial’) .event(‘go’) .goesTo(‘middle’) […]

Gem: Updated Bash completion

Victor Serbin sent me a version of the completion updated for Gem 1.0.1. You can get it here. Apparently, Ubuntu and Debian have begun to bundle this file with their rubygems packages. Great!

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