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Archive for the 'Testing' Category

I’m not yet so enlightened that all of my Rails unit and functional tests run without accessing the database. Indeed, I’m still using YAML fixtures to populate the database for testing. I also insist on having foreign key constraints in the database, a thing that’s not exactly encouraged by Rails, but which is quite possible […]

I’ve recently started to add XML support to a Rails application, meaning that the application provides data in XML format, if the request asks for it, and it understands XML data on create or update. To keep the application as well as myself sane, I’ve written a test that ensures the round trip of getting […]

Rails valid markup testing

Coda Hale has given the intersection of the Rails and web standards communities a very nice plugin for keeping your markup clean. It is aptly, if slightly pretentiously, named Responsible Markup. But let’s be honest, do you really want to spend much time on writing tests for your markup? After all, it’s taking long enough […]

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