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With Rails’s ActiveRecord and presumably other object-relational mappers, it is easy to use persistent, database-backed objects as if they were just there. Create new objects, navigate along associations, just like that. This picture breaks down however, when it comes time to ensure those in-memory changes are saved back to the database. In general, in a […]

Creative Associations

A presentation I held on May 28 at D├╝sseldorf on Rails about interesting and useful things you can do with ActiveRecord, SQL, and a smart database. german english .

You’re using git to manage your Ruby on Rails projects? Then you’ve probably come to appreciate topic branches as a kind of transaction facility for programmers. If you need to implement a non-trivial or just try something, the way to go is onto a new “topic” branch. There you can mangle the code all you […]

Emperor Ming strikes back

Emperor Ming strikes back May 5, 2008by Michael Sch├╝rigproduct Joe Celko’s Thinking in Sets ★★★☆☆ I have (read) copies of five earlier of Celko’s books on my shelf, still I am again amazed by the cultural distance. Most of my programming life I have spent with object-oriented programming languages and associated technologies. Thus, when Celko […]

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