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Archive for April, 2009

You’re using git to manage your Ruby on Rails projects? Then you’ve probably come to appreciate topic branches as a kind of transaction facility for programmers. If you need to implement a non-trivial or just try something, the way to go is onto a new “topic” branch. There you can mangle the code all you […]

Didn’t you always want to write your Rails views as plain Ruby objects? — “What?”, I hear you say. No, I haven’t lost my mind and the idea is quite sensible (or so I hope), once you add the restriction that it is JSON-formatted data that you want to return. Say you need to set […]

Invariably, in almost every application there happen to be lists of data items that are immutable, just for reference. It could be colors, the four seasons, continents, the states of your country, kinds or types of this and that. These items are almost like constants. As accessible as they are through the ordinary ActiveRecord API, […]

On a Rails project I’m currently working on I need to fill the database with test data to have something to play with. Apart from large imports, that’s the time when indexes may slow down operation severely instead of speeding things up. Consider: The indexes are not used, but have to be updated again and […]

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